Our Products Consist


Calcium metal and calcium based alloys are mainly used in the steel industry and the lead-acid battery industry.


Tungsten is perfectly suited for a wide range of different applications in aerospace and metalworking, construction, mining, and medical industries.


Molybdenum is the first choice in many specific fields including specialized steel making, electronic components, and touch-screen tech.


Graphite materials can be machined to specific shapes for uses as furnace components, dies, crucibles, high-temperature containers, and cathode blocks.

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Market specialist

We employ the most knowledgeable specialists in the Chinese market who provide us with the most up-date information avabilable and help us source the highest quality materials for our products.

Expert tester

We have expert testers who guarantee the quality for every batch we sell.

Export specialist

We have export specialists who provide you the right product with the proper packing solution and effective transportation services.

High-standard storage space

We also have a large,high-standard storage space that can house an ample stock of our products.

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