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Calcium metal and calcium based alloys are mainly used in the steel industry and the lead-acid battery industry.


Tungsten is perfectly suited for a wide range of different applications in aerospace and metalworking, construction, mining, and medical industries.


Molybdenum is the first choice in many specific fields including specialized steel making, electronic components, and touch-screen tech.


Graphite materials can be machined to specific shapes for uses as furnace components, dies, crucibles, high-temperature containers, and cathode blocks.

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Market specialist

We employ the most knowledgeable specialists in the Chinese market who provide us with the most up-date information available and help us source the highest quality materials for our products.

Expert tester

We have expert testers who guarantee the quality of every batch we sell.

Export specialist

We have export specialists who provide you the right product with the proper packing solution and effective transportation services.

High-standard storage space

We also have a large,high-standard storage space that can house an ample stock of our products.


Market Leadership Through Innovation
CHEMETAL USA, LLC (CHEMETAL) is a market leader in tungsten and molybdenum deep processing and manufacturing—an innovator at the frontiers of tungsten and molybdenum product fabrication; R&D; production capacity; quality control; and market development for high-end products. CHEMETAL’s diverse product lines tungsten and molybdenum include foil, sheet, plate, wire, rod, and fabricated and sintered parts, among others, all in high demand across a wide range of industries. From humble beginnings in 2010, CHEMETAL has risen to market dominance with a fierce dedication to the core values of entrepreneurial honesty, continuous innovation, and leading-edge technology.

Range, Research & Resources
CHEMETAL is renowned for its continuous expansion and diversification of product types, made possible by decades of research and development into the new tungsten and molybdenum materials; advanced fabrication and machining skills; and vertical integration with industrial partners, both upstream and downstream. There is virtually no limit to CHEMETAL’s ability to provide state-of-the-art processes and products. Among these are a sapphire crystal furnace; a high temperature, isostatic pressing hot zone; parts for medical equipment, monocrystal silicon furnaces, and electronic semiconductors; Rare-earth and glass industry products; coating film industry boats and sputtering targets; molding and high temperature processing materials; and high temperature vacuum equipment.

Pushing to the Envelope of Technological Innovation
We are aiming to pursue and apply new technologies to improve and expand applications of W and Mo for various high-tech industries. CHEMETAL owns, staffs, and equips two innovative, state and city-authorized research bases and one industry alliance to share knowledge and best practices. The company’s R&D team of more than 60 experts, many with advanced academic degrees, degrees of doctor or master, continues to explore new technologies and applications for tungsten and molybdenum for a broad cross-section of the industry. The company’s technical consulting team is dedicated to expanding collaborative innovation and development of tungsten and molybdenum applications.

National and International Standards Certified
CHEMETAL has been certified under multiple national and international standards to guide its manufacturing and managerial activities. These include:

  • ISO50001 (Energy Management Systems)
  • GJB9001C-2017 (Military Specification and Standard)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard)

The company has equipped its leading-edge manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment for experimental and testing purposes. The latest 6S management methodology ensures the highest performance, quality control, and safety standards are met or exceeded. Concurrently, CHEMETAL’s enterprise management systems, including ERP, MES, and others, help assure a strong foundation for ongoing development and market exploration well into the 21st century and beyond.