During the process of producing copper tungsten alloy, high purity tungsten will be sintered and infiltrated with the oxygen-free copper under an accurate consolidation. Because of this, there will be an excellent homogeneous microstructure for tungsten copper alloy.

A good combination of copper’s conductivity and tungsten’s high-temperature strength and arc-resistance will yield preeminent properties including arc ablation, strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity. Tungsten copper alloy is perfectly suited to be applied as arc contacts, electrodes and high temperature furnace.


Copper Tungsten Materials and Components

Copper Tungsten Machined Part
Copper Tungsten Part
  • Wire
  • Rod
  • Bar
  • Plate
  • Filaments
  • Machined Parts
  • Electrodes

Copper Tungsten Specification

ModelDensityConductivityResistivityHardnessBend Strength
Gr/cc Min.IACS % Min.μW*cm Max.HB Kgf/mm2
Mpa Min.


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Copper Tungsten Properities

  • Low thermal expansion
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • High arc resistance
  • Low consumption


Copper Tungsten Applications

  • Contact and electrode materials
  • High temperature furnace component
  • Head sink
  • EDM electrode
  • Arc contact
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