Molybdenum Foil

Molybdenum foil is produced by cold rolling the molybdenum sheet to a lower thickness. The stamped and drawn molybdenum foil is very suitable to use as evaporation boat, heat shield and electronic components.

As a recognized molybdenum products manufacturer, CHEMETAL USA takes pride in offering our customers the highest quality foil. All molybdenum foils at CHEMETAL USA are subject to various tests in order to meet our customers’ specifications.

We are also dedicated to implementing stringent quality control for each step of molybdenum foil manufacturing starting from the molybdenum powder to our finished Moly foil.

Our 99.95% purity molybdenum and heat annealing process ensures our molybdenum foil has a high density and a surface free of defects.

The molybdenum surfaces we supply include mirror, matte and smooth.

CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of Molybdenum foil that all meet a consistently high standard of width, length and thickness. We are also able to provide a fast lead time and handle large-volume contracts. Request a quote or contact us today by checking our CONTACT US page.


Foil Thickness0.001” Above
Foil WidthUp to 12”
Foil SurfaceMirror,Matte,Smooth

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