Molybdenum Plate And Sheet

CHEMETAL USA is a leading molybdenum plate and molybdenum sheet supplier. Our knowledgeable engineers are able to ensure our products match every technological parameter with respect to the customer needs. Therefore, the quality received by our customer is guaranteed to have the required flatness, machinability and formability. Thanks to the manufacturing team’s hard work and close attention to detail, we are able to keep our strong advantage in the competitive market. We have realized that a high level of quality control is an essential prerequisite in achieving high customer satisfaction. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on monitoring the quality of our products throughout both the manufacturing process and inspection stage. Because of this, we can always ensure the high quality of our plates products.

Our molybdenum sheet and molybdenum plate are initially rolled out from molybdenum ingot. Before that, the molybdenum ingot is generally made by isostatic pressing and then sintering the pure molybdenum powders under a high temperature. Finally, the Molybdenum metal needs to go through several processes, such as a cross rolling procss, vacuum annealing and leveling, depending on which conditions the customer requires.



Molybdenum Plate
Thickness0.120”(3 mm) to 1.968”(50 mm)
WidthMaximum 21.653”(550 mm)
LengthMaximum 59.055”(1500 mm)
Molybdenum Sheet
Thickness0.009”(0.25 mm) to 0.078”(2 mm)
WidthMaximum 23.622”(600 mm)
LengthMaximum 472.441”(12000 mm)
SurfaceGround, Polished, Chemical Cleaned

As an ISO certificed molybdenum sheet supplier, CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of plates and sheets that all meet a consistently high standard of width, length and thickness. We are also able to provide a fast lead time and handle large-volume contracts. Request a quote or contact us today by checking our CONTACT US page.


  • Vacuum furnace shieldings
  • Furnace heating elements
  • Furnace support frames
  • Boats for sapphire crystal furnaces and vacuum furnaces
  • Sputtering targets for the vacuum coating and evaporation coating
  • Ion sources for ion implantation equipment

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