CHEMETAL USA is committed to developing and researching qualified molybdenum sheet. We are now capable of machining molybdenum sheets with a range of thickness from 2mm to lower than 0.5 mm. Molybdenum sheets are made by undergoing a sequence of processes including hot rolling, warm rolling, cold rolling and others. The molybdenum sheet needs to be cold rolled under a low rolling reduction and consequently become easier to deform in further working processes. The molybdenum sheet with the typical thickness from 0.3 mm to 4 mm is rolled by the cold rolling of a 6 rolls reversible mill. The chemical and mechanical properties of finished molybdenum sheet can consistently meet our customer’s requirements.

Molybdeum Sheet

Thickness0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.12”(3 mm)
WidthMaximum 30”(750 mm)
LengthMMaximum 470”(12000 mm)

Molybdeum Plate

Thickness0.12”(3 mm) to 3”(75 mm)
WidthMaximum 23”(600 mm)
LengthMaximum 60”(1500 mm)
SurfaceGround, Chemical Cleaned, As rolled
StandardASTM B-386, Type 360, 361, 365

Precision Machined Molybdenum Sheet

With years of experience in handling molybdenum materials, our highly trained technicians are skilled in offering the following machining services for a variety of molybdenum sheets made from unalloyed Molybdenum, TZM, Copper Molybdenum, Lanthanated Molybdenum.

  • Turning Machined-plate
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Stamping
  • Joining
  • Forming
  • EDM Machining

As an ISO certified refractory metal manufacturer with advanced machining facilities, CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of that molybdenum sheets that all meet a consistently high standard of flatness, roughness and machinability.


Standard Sheet Thickness 

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    Molybdenum Sheet Applications

    Molybdenum sheet is one of the most common materials chosen out of a variety of molybdenum materials. Many high temperature and electronic industries require molybdenum flat products to manufacture furnace boats, hot zones, thermal barrier, and so on. The reason is that molybdenum material has a variety of useful properties, such as high strength, hardness and heat conductivity in high-temperature environment. It also has a low coefficient of expansion and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. Some rapidly developing industries, for example, aerospace, electronics, and thermal treatment use a large amounts of molybdenum products, especially in large size.

    Molybdenum sheets need to go through a series of processes including hot rolling, warm rolling, cold rolling and others. Our molybdenum sheet and molybdenum plate are initially rolled out from molybdenum ingot. Before that, the molybdenum ingot is generally made by isostatic pressing and then sintering the pure molybdenum powders under a high temperature. Finally, the Molybdenum metal needs to be treated by several processes, such as a cross rolling process, vacuum annealing and leveling, depending on which conditions the customer requires.

    TZM Alloy Sheet Types

    TZM Sheet
    Thickness0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.120”(3 mm)
    WidthMaximum 23.5”(600 mm)
    LengthMaximum 470”(12000 mm)
    TZM Plate
    Thickness0.120”(3 mm) to 2”(50 mm)
    WidthMaximum 22”(550 mm)
    LengthMaximum 60”(1500 mm)
    SurfaceGround, Polished, Chemical Cleaned
    CompositionTi 0.5 %, Zr 0.08%, C 0.03%, Mo Balance
    StandardASTM B-386, TZM 363, 364

    TZM Alloy Sheet Applications

    High temperature TZM sheet is a popular molybdenum-based alloy utilized in the furnace and in heat-treating structural components such as shielding and supporting parts since it has a high creep resistance. What is more, TZM molybdenum sheet is very suited to make high temperature and high strength TZM moly forging dies for isothermal forging, ferrous and non-ferrous metals casting and Molybdenum TZM piercing plugs. In addition, TZM sheet is an excellent choice as a high-recrystallization and weldable temperature material for the aerospace application.

    Lanthanated Molybdenum Sheet Types

    Mo La Sheet
    Thickness0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.08”(2 mm)
    WidthMaximum 23.5”(600 mm)
    LengthMaximum 470”(12000 mm)
    Mo La Plate
    Thickness0.120”(3 mm) to 2”(50 mm)
    WidthMaximum 22”(550 mm)
    LengthMaximum 60”(1500 mm)
    SurfaceGround, Polished, Chemical Cleaned
    CompositionMo 95%-99.95%, La2O3 0.5%-5.0%