TZM sheet possesses a variety of valuable properties, such as high strength, creep resistance, hardness, and low vapor pressure in high temperature environments. Additionally, TZM sheet has a low coefficient of expansion, excellent resistance to heat and corrosion and good machinability. Compared with the pure molybdenum, TZM sheet has a more stable crystalline structure and a higher recrystallization temperature. This is due to the small amount of zirconium and titanium doped into the molybdenum substrate. In addition, the composite carbides Mo2C, TiC and ZrC with the extremely fine size refine and restrain the crystalline grain of molybdenum and consequently help Molybdenum TZM sheets become more weldable and creep resistant than pure molybdenum sheet.

TZM Alloy Sheet Specification

TZM Plate
Thickness0.120”(3 mm) to 2”(50 mm)
WidthMaximum 22”(550 mm)
LengthMaximum 60”(1500 mm)
TZM Sheet
Thickness0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.08”(2 mm)
WidthMaximum 23.5”(600 mm)
LengthMaximum 470”(12000 mm)
SurfaceGround, Polished, Chemical Cleaned
CompositionTi 0.5 %, Zr 0.08%, C 0.03%, Mo Balance
StandardASTM B-386, TZM 363, 364

TZM Alloy Sheet Thickness

FormSize inchSize mmSize inchSize mmSize inchSize mm
Plate and sheet sizes are drawn on prior sales. Please contact us for additional availability.

CHEMETAL USA is a leading TZM sheet supplier. Our knowledgeable engineers are able to ensure our products match every technological parameter with respect to customer needs. Therefore, the quality received by our customer is guaranteed to have the required flatness, machinability and formability.

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