The most remarkable characteristics of molybdenum products are its high temperature stability, strength and corrosion resistance.

Like tungsten, Molybdenum has a very high melting temperature. Meanwhile its density is lower than tungsten and 25% higher than iron.

Molybdenum is developed to be the first choice in many specific fields including specialized steel making, electronic components and touch-screen tech.

Our different models of rolling mills enable CHEMETAL USA to tailor the products to meet the requirement of specific sizes and shapes of pure molybdenum products. This sophisticated technology allows us to control the crystalline size of pure molybdenum products and guarantees the outstanding performance of our products in all types of further fabrications.


  • High melting point
  • High temperature stability
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Permalloy


Vacuum Furnace Components

The vapor pressure of molybdenum is far above the range of pressure a typical vacuum furnace creates. Molybdenum’s high strength and chemical stability make it ideally suitable to work under a high temperature and pressure condition. In vacuum furnace, the internal components made of molybdenum material are extensively employed when a temperature is lower than 1500°C. Unlike Tantalum and tungsten, molybdenum is easier and cheaper to fabricate but has a lower vapor pressure. However, because the typical temperature in vacuum furnace is below than 1500°C, the molybdenum has been approved to be the most promising material to explore in further as furnace components.


Metal Hot Zone

Molybdenum are typically used all-metal hot zones for vacuum furnaces in which the temperature is up to 1500°C for resistor and insulation. The heat treatments for some cleanliness sensitive materials have to operate under an extremely clean and high-pressure environment. The high purity and stability of Molybdenum can effectively keep the operation away form carbon and oxygen contamination.

Glass Melting Electrode

Electrode for glass melting need to withstand an aggressive and high temperature processing environment. Thanks to molybdenum’s slow erosion rate and high creep resistance in molten glass, molybdenum is appraised to be the most common material to make melting electrodes. The damage to chemical and dimensional stability is negligible when molybdenum made electrode immerses in variable glass chemistries.
In addition, molybdenum has a high electrical conductivity. Therefore, a high energy input and productivity will be obtained since molybdenum’s high electrical conductivity enables the current pass through the electrode at a good throughput.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Ion-implantation used for semiconductor manufacturing is under a high temperature and erosive chamber filled with reactive gases and a magnetic field. Molybdenum components like ion source can resist to react with dopant gases and erode by the plasma. The strength and chemical stability of molybdenum ensures the dopant atoms to be precisely created and implanted into the silicon wafer. Because of this, molybdenum ion-source component cost less on its cleaning and maintaining work.

Molybdenum Thin Film

Molybdenum thin film is an important part in technologies of TFT-LCD screen, solar panel. The coefficient of thermal expansion, high chemical and thermal stability and good electrical conductivity make molybdenum an ideal choice to produce components for the solar cells and touch panel displays. Mo thin films are used to make gate, drain and source electrodes of thin film transistor. Mo film technologies offer a high conversion rate to solar power.Molybdenum foil owns an excellent thermal stability, heat resistance and radiation absorption capacity. It is ideally served as a radiation shield and a core component of collimator in CT equipment. Also, it can be used to make the boat for vaporization deposition.

  • High temperature furnace
  • High strength alloys
  • Phone cases
  • Building
  • High-tech electronics
  • Touch-screen tech
  • Solar panels


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