The Diverse Applications of Tungsten-Copper Alloys

Copper-tungsten alloys are composite metal materials that combine the excellent properties of both tungsten and copper. Here are some of the major application areas of copper-tungsten alloys:

  1. Military High-Temperature Materials:
    • Copper-tungsten alloys are used in aerospace applications as high-temperature components such as missile and rocket engine nozzles, gas vanes, air vanes, and nose cones.
    • These parts require resistance to extreme temperatures (ranging from 3000K to 5000K) and high-temperature airflow erosion.
    • Utilizing the sweating cooling effect caused by copper vaporization at high temperatures (melting point of copper is 1083°C), Copper-tungsten alloys can reduce surface temperatures and ensure use under extreme high-temperature conditions.
  2. Electrical Alloys for High-Voltage Switches:
    • Copper-tungsten alloys are widely used in high-voltage switches (such as 128kV SF6 circuit breakers with WCu/CuCr) and high-voltage vacuum load switches (12kV, 40.5KV, 1000A).
    • Copper-tungsten alloys possess high electrical conductivity, resistance to electrical erosion, and excellent breaking performance, making them widely used as contact materials for high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage switchgear.

  3. Microelectronics Materials:
    • Copper-tungsten alloys are used as electronic packaging and heat sink materials due to their low thermal expansion characteristics of tungsten and high thermal conductivity of copper.
    • The thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of Copper-tungsten alloys can be adjusted by varying the Copper-tungsten composition, making them widely used in semiconductor materials.
  4. Electrode Materials:
    • Copper-tungsten alloy electrode materials are used to enhance the precision and reliability of electrical machining while reducing electrode consumption.
  5. Semiconductor Manufacturing and Integrated Circuit Testing:
    • Copper-tungsten alloy tools are used for wafer cutting in semiconductor manufacturing due to their high thermal conductivity, enabling rapid heat dissipation and improving the efficiency and precision of cutting.
    • In integrated circuit testing, Copper-tungsten alloys are used as materials for test fixtures to ensure the stability and repeatability of the circuit.
  6. Photonics Field:
    • Tungsten alloys are used to fabricate optical components in lasers, such as collimating mirrors and reflective mirrors, that can withstand high-power laser beams without oxidizing or losing their shape.
    • In LEDs, solar cells, and other optoelectronic devices, tungsten-copper alloys are used as conductive materials and substrate materials to improve efficiency and stability.
  7. Other Applications:
    • Copper-tungsten alloys are also widely used in electrical contact fields, heat sink materials, sports equipment, and other industries.

In summary, Copper-tungsten alloys have diverse applications due to their high strength, high density, high temperature resistance, resistance to arc erosion, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and other properties. As technology advances and demand increases, the application areas of Copper-tungsten alloys will continue to expand.