Tungsten Rod

CHEMETAL USA specializes in forging rods made of tungsten.
Tungsten rod is used as thermal conductors, welding electrodes, headpieces for the industries of quartz, stirring bars for smelting, heavy hammers, fasteners, etc. The forging refines the grain structure and improves the rigidity.

We understand that top-quality control is essential to produce products that satisfy our clients. Therefore, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on monitoring every step from the beginning of the forging process to the end of the inspection. Hot Isostatic Pressing ensures our tungsten rods obtain a high density and fine grain size. These two properties are critical to the components fabricated with the rods since it will help the components have a long service lifespan. The surface of the rod is ground when the elimination of cracks, burrs and oxidation phenomenon on the surface is required. Our tungsten rod is also heat treated and thoroughly checked with NDT in order to identify and eliminate the crack lines, pores and various other defects.


Rod Diameter
Centerless Ground Rod 0.029″ (0.75mm) – 1.574″ (40 mm)
Forged and Ground Rod0.029″ (0.75mm) – 3.94″ (100mm)
Rod Length
Various lengths available upon the special diameter
Rod SurfaceBlack, Ground, Chemical cleaned

CHEMETAL US is a leading producer of premium tungsten rod. CHEMETAL USA offers tungsten rod with diameters ranging from 0.029″ to 4.0” or more. We can cut tungsten rod into varying lengths depending on the diameter of the rod chosen by the customer. We offer two different surfaces tungsten rods which are black rod and ground rod respectively. The black surface tungsten rod is forged by passing through either the swaging or drawing machine or both. Therefore, a black and thin layer of oxide adheres to the finished rod. But the ground surface tungsten rod is further processed by passing through a centerless grinding machine which removes the black oxidant coating. Consequently, ground tungsten rod gains a more uniform diameter than the black surface rod.

CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of tungsten rods that all meet a consistently high standard of diameter tolerance, roundness and straightness. We are also able to provide a fast lead time and handle large-volume contracts. Request a quote or contact us today by checking our CONTACT US page.


  • Tungsten electrodes
  • Tungsten headpieces for the industries of quartz
  • Tungsten stirring bars for glass smelting and rear-earth smelting
  • Tungsten heavy hammers
  • Tungsten connecting rods
  • Tungsten screws/bolts and other fasteners
  • Tungsten support pillars
  • Tungsten pillars for sapphire crystal furnaces and other vacuum furnaces.
  • Tungsten rod heater for sapphire crystal furnaces and other vacuum furnaces.
  • Tungsten electrodes for welding electrodes

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