What is the Density of Molybdenum-Copper? Authoritative Data Reveals the Truth!

The density of molybdenum copper alloy depends on its specific composition and manufacturing process. Generally speaking, the density of molybdenum copper alloys ranges from 8.5 to 10.0g/cm ³ Between. Specifically, the density of different types of molybdenum copper alloys may vary, for example, the density of MoCu 30 is approximately 9.8-10.0g/cm ³, The density of MoCu 50 ranges from 9.5 to 9.8g/cm ³, The density of MoCu 70 is between 8.9-9.2g/cm ³。

molybdenum copper
molybdenum copper

The density of molybdenum-copper varies depending on its composition. Generally, the density falls within a certain range.

To get the precise density value, you can look up the following sources for authoritative data:
  1. Professional materials databases: These often provide detailed information about the properties of different materials, including molybdenum-copper.
  2. Academic research papers: Scholars might present precise measurements and findings related to the density in their studies.
  3. Manufacturer specifications: The manufacturers of molybdenum-copper likely have accurate data on its density.

The actual density may vary due to factors such as the specific composition of the alloy, manufacturing process, and measurement conditions. To obtain the most accurate data, it is recommended to consult relevant material manuals or consult a professional material engineer. Meanwhile, as an important engineering material, molybdenum copper alloy has many excellent properties, such as high thermal conductivity, good conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, etc., which makes it widely used in multiple fields.