CHEMETAL takes pride in offering our customers the highest quality tungsten foil with a range of thickness from 0.08 inches (2 mm) to less than inches 0.001 (0.025 mm). We understand that top-quality control is essential to produce products that satisfy our clients. CHEMETAL USA offers tungsten foil strip, square and round disc with various sizes and surface conditions. We are capable of providing tungsten foil electropolishing, alkaline cleaning, polishing and tungsten etching. The tungsten surfaces we supply include mirror, matte and smooth.

Tungsten Foil Specification

Foil Thickness0.001” Above
Foil WidthUp to 12”
Foil SurfaceMirror,Matte,Smooth
TypesCold Rolled, Annealed



CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of Tungsten foil, Lanthanated Molybdenum foil and Molybdenum foil that all meet a consistently high standard of flatness, roughness and machinability. We are also able to provide a fast lead time and handle large-volume contracts. CONTACT US and download our PRODUCT CATALOG to learn more about our Tungsten products.

Tungsten Foil Sizes

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    Tungsten foil is produced by cold rolling the tungsten sheet to a lower thickness. The stamped and drawn foil is very suitable to use in the applications of high temperature vacuum furnace, coating, electronic and semiconductor components. Tungsten foil is used to make heat shielding, heating element and carrier of the vacuum furnace. It is because tungsten foils process a high heat resistance in the high temperature environment.

    In addition, tungsten foil owns an extremely Low Vapor Pressure and a high melting point so that it is ideally served for coating application as the evaporation boat. Moreover, the ideal material for semiconductor needs to have a Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Low Electrical Resistivity. Tungsten can meet these requirements. Therefore, it is a very suitable material for components of the semiconductor industry. Tungsten has been also approved to be a promising material to explore in further in medical and Sputtering applications.