TZM molybdenum plate and sheet are isostatically pressed and sintered from our high purity powders of molybdenum, zirconium, and titanium to compact by powder metallurgy. As a leading TZM plate and sheet supplier, we are capable of machining plates and sheets with a range of thickness from 75 mm to less than 0.25 mm. TZM possesses a variety of valuable properties, such as high strength, creep resistance, hardness, and low vapor pressure in high temperature environments. Additionally, TZM alloy plate has a low coefficient of expansion, excellent resistance to heat and corrosion and good machinability. Compared with the pure molybdenum plate, TZM plate has a more stable crystalline structure and a higher recrystallization temperature. This is due to the small amount of zirconium and titanium doped into the molybdenum substrate. In addition, the composite carbides Mo2C, TiC and ZrC with the extremely fine size refine and restrain the crystalline grain of molybdenum and consequently helps Molybdenum TZM plate becomes more weldable and creep resistant than pure molybdenum plate.

CHEMETAL USA is capable of offering various types of Molybdenum plate, TZM plate, and Lanthanated Molybdenum plates that all meet a consistently high standard of flatness, roughness, and machinability. We are also able to provide a fast lead time and handle large-volume contracts. CONTACT US and download our PRODUCT CATALOG to learn more about our Molybdenum products.

TZM Plate
Thickness0.120”(3 mm) to 3”(75 mm)
WidthMaximum 23”(600 mm)
LengthMaximum 60”(1500 mm)
TZM Sheet
Thickness0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.12”(3 mm)
WidthMaximum 30”(750 mm)
LengthMaximum 470”(12000 mm)
SurfaceGround, Chemical Cleaned, As rolled
CompositionTi 0.5 %, Zr 0.08%, C 0.03%, Mo Balance
StandardASTM B-386, TZM 363, 364

TZM Plate Standard Thickness

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    TZM Plate Applications

    TZM plates and sheets are common materials chosen out of all the various molybdenum-based alloy products. Many high temperature industries require molybdenum flat materials to produce furnace boats, hot zones, heat shielding, target materials, etc. The reason is that molybdenum material has a variety of valuable properties, which include high strength, hardness, and heat conductivity in a high-temperature atmosphere. It also has a low coefficient of expansion and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. Some rapidly developing industries such as aerospace, electronics, and thermal treatment use a large amount of TZM molybdenum plate products, especially in large sizes.

    Take the example of the TZM plate utilized in the furnace and in heat-treating structural components such as shielding and supporting parts since it has a high creep resistance. What is more, TZM molybdenum plate is very suited to make high temperature and high strength TZM moly forging dies for isothermal forging, ferrous and non-ferrous metals casting and Molybdenum TZM piercing plugs. In addition, TZM plate is an excellent choice as a high-recrystallization and weldable temperature material used to produce components for aerospace applications.

    TZM Plate Properties

    TZM plate is an attractive material for applications in the high strength, high temperature, and vacuum required industries which include aerospace, electronics, and thermal treatment. Molybdenum TZM alloy plate perfectly serves these sectors particularly when a working temperature range needs to be between 700 and 1400 ° C.

    • Creep Resistance
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Good Machinability
    • High Recrystallization Temperature
    • Corrosion Resistance
    • Good Weldability