Annealing And Surface Treatment of Molybdenum Plate [2019/02/27]

Annealing of Cold Rolled Molybdenum Plate

Annealing rolled molybdenum plate usually processes in a reducing or vacuum atmosphere.
As we know, molybdenum is easy to be oxidized by heating in an atmospheric condition. The oxidation reaction will severely occur especially in a heating treatment under above 400 ℃ temperature. However, due to the high cost and the long period of vacuum annealing rolled molybdenum plate, we need to select the appropriate annealing parameters in an regular annealing furnace after specially treating the upper and lower surfaces of the wide molybdenum plate. After the annealing, the surface of plate is in a good condition. There is a slight oxidation at the edge of the plate, but the oxidation does not affect the quality of the molybdenum plate.

Surface Treatment of Molybdenum Plate

When the annealing process finished, the molybdenum plate usually needs to remove its oxidized layer by washing in an alkaline liquid. However, the reactive speed is hard to control so that the cleaned plate probably has black spots on the surface. Therefore, the plate has to go through an additional grinding process. As a result, the process cost will increase.
Ground molybdenum plateIn fact, the grinding wheel can directly remove the oxide layer on the surface of

rolled molybdenum plate. Thus, the molybdenum plate will skip the alkali washing treatment. This direct processing reduces costs and speeds up the production cycle.
In the development about the wide width molybdenum sheet, there are a lot of researches should be done in the aspects of yield control, finished product annealing and dimension control. The new technology helps the wide molybdenum plate with a size about 0.4~0.5×700~800×2000~3000mm satisfy ASTMB386 standard.

The width and length of the rolled molybdenum plate plate are the current maximum specifications. Wide molybdenum board has become very competitive in the market. It can completely replace the old products. At present has certain batch product.

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