Exploration of preparation technology and process optimization for molybdenum plate billets

Molybdenum is an important refractory metal widely used in aerospace, nuclear energy, electronics, and other high-tech fields due to its high melting point, excellent thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum plate billets are the basic raw materials for the production of molybdenum plates, and their quality directly affects the performance of the final product. Therefore, the exploration of the preparation technology and process optimization of molybdenum plate billets is of great significance.

The preparation of molybdenum plate billets mainly involves the steps of powder preparation, molding, sintering, and rolling. Each step requires strict control of process parameters to ensure the quality of the billets. For example, in the powder preparation stage, it is necessary to select high-purity molybdenum powder and control its particle size and distribution to ensure uniform sintering and high density of the billets. In the molding stage, the appropriate molding pressure and temperature should be selected to ensure the integrity and density of the green billets. In the sintering stage, the sintering temperature, time, and atmosphere should be controlled to achieve high density and good mechanical properties of the billets. Finally, in the rolling stage, the rolling temperature, rolling speed, and rolling force should be optimized to obtain molybdenum plates with uniform thickness, good surface quality, and excellent performance.

In addition, with the continuous development of science and technology, new preparation technologies and process optimization methods are constantly emerging, such as microwave sintering, spark plasma sintering, and hot isostatic pressing. These new technologies can effectively improve the sintering efficiency and density of molybdenum plate billets, and further improve their performance.

In summary, the exploration of the preparation technology and process optimization of molybdenum plate billets is a complex and challenging task, which requires comprehensive consideration of material properties, process parameters, and equipment conditions. Through continuous research and practice, we can gradually improve the quality and performance of molybdenum plate billets, and promote the development and application of molybdenum materials in various fields.