Price Comparison of Pure Tungsten Rods: Variations Based on Different Specifications and Applications

Pure tungsten rods, as a versatile metallic product, exhibit price variations due to factors such as specifications, applications, and impurity levels. This article will delve into the price differences of pure tungsten rods across various specifications and applications, providing readers with a better understanding of the market landscape to make more informed decisions.

I. Price Differences by Diameter

The diameter of pure tungsten rods directly determines their application areas and prices. Smaller diameter rods are typically used in precision machining and electronics, while larger ones are suitable for high-temperature and high-strength processing.

  • Φ2.4mm Pure Tungsten Rods: Commonly used in manual welding, micro-processing, and precision electronic components. Due to their small diameter, they are suitable for delicate operations and have a relatively moderate price, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan per kilogram depending on market conditions.
  • Φ3.2mm Pure Tungsten Rods: Widely applied in aerospace, electronics, and mechanical processing. With their versatility, they have a stable price, generally ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan per kilogram.
  • Φ4.8mm Pure Tungsten Rods: Used in electron beam welding, vacuum coating, and other high-temperature, high-strength processing fields. Their larger diameter allows them to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, resulting in a relatively higher price, potentially exceeding thousands of yuan per kilogram.

II. Price Differences by Application

The different applications of pure tungsten rods also significantly impact their prices. Each application has unique processing requirements and performance standards, leading to variations in price.

  • Tungsten Rods for Thermocouples: Due to tungsten’s high melting point and low coefficient of thermal expansion, it is widely used in thermocouple manufacturing. These rods require high purity and precision, resulting in a relatively higher price.
  • Tungsten Rods for Electrodes: Known for their high melting point, good thermal conductivity, and low electrical resistivity, they are suitable for electrode processing. The price of electrode tungsten rods varies by type and size, generally ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan per kilogram.
  • Tungsten Rods for High-Temperature Furnaces: With their excellent high-temperature performance, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 3400°C, they are used in high-temperature melting and vacuum furnaces. Their strict requirements for high-temperature performance lead to a relatively higher price, potentially exceeding thousands of yuan per kilogram.

III. Price Differences by Impurity Levels

The purity of pure tungsten rods is another crucial factor affecting their prices. Lower impurity levels translate to superior performance and, consequently, higher prices.

  • WAL1 Pure Tungsten Rods: With an impurity content of less than 0.01%, they belong to the high-purity category. These rods have significantly higher prices than regular pure tungsten rods, potentially reaching thousands of yuan or more per kilogram.
  • WAL3 Pure Tungsten Rods: Although their purity is slightly lower, with an impurity content of less than 0.03%, they still meet the requirements of many applications. Their prices are more affordable than WAL1 rods but still higher than regular pure tungsten rods.

IV. Actual Market Price Examples

Here are some actual market price examples of pure tungsten rods for reference:

  • Zhigao Metal Spot Welding Pure Tungsten Rods: 99.95% purity, various specifications, forged tungsten rods, approximately 580 yuan per kilogram.
  • Tungsten Electrodes Supplied by Nangong Ruili Alloy Welding Materials Co., Ltd.: Including tungsten rods and tungsten pins, approximately 10 yuan for 48 grams, suitable for small-batch purchases.
  • High-Pressure Negative Ion Discharge Pins from Zhuzhou Hongya Carbide Metals Co., Ltd.: Pure tungsten pins, approximately 1.08 yuan for 50 pieces, suitable for specific discharge and dust removal applications.
  • 99.95% Pure Tungsten Rods from Baoji Huaming Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd.: Forged tungsten rods, resistant to 2000°C, various specifications, approximately 450 yuan per kilogram.

The prices of pure tungsten rods are influenced by multiple factors, including diameter, application, purity, and market supply and demand. When selecting pure tungsten rods, users should consider their specific needs and budget to make a reasonable choice. Additionally, they should be aware of market price fluctuations to make purchases at opportune times. By comparing the prices of pure tungsten rods across different specifications and applications, users can gain a better understanding of the market and make more informed decisions.