Stinering and Pressing Process of Molybdenum Plate [20190216]

Process Flow of Rolling Wide Molybdenum Plate

At first, Molybdenum powder is shaped into a highly pressed molybdenum blank by the isostatic pressing process. In the next step, the heat treatment offered by an induction sintering furnace (H2 protection) turns the molybdenum blank into a plate shape. Then, the plate-shaped molybdenum blank will go through a series of processes and finally become the qualified wide molybdenum plate. The processes include hot rolling, annealing, alkaline pickling and 500 m or 1200 m cold rolling. The 500 m rolling machine can produce wide that is 0.25~0.4 mm thick, 450~ 510mm wide and 2500 ~3000m long. The 1200 m rolling machine can produce wide plate that is 0.25~0.4mm thick, 450~ 510mm wide and 2500 ~3000mm long.

wide molybdenum plate

The Pressing and Stintering Process of Wide Molybdenum Plate

An induction furnace full of hydrogen gas can ensure the sintering process operate under a stable and purified environment. Due to the protection provided by the hydrogen gas environment, the weight of sintered molybdenum blank can reach to 20kg/ piece.

The two particle sizes of molybdenum powders are 3.8 μm and 2.8 μm. After  the sintering process, the powders will change its shape to blank. Then, the blank sintered from powders needs to go through a rolling process.

During the rolling process, there appears holes and pitting corrosion on the surface of the blank sintered from the 3.8μm powder size. Hence, the wide molybdenum plate will probably have a cracking problem further along in the rolling process. The cracks will exist even after polishing and repairing those defective spots. Even worse,  the tensile crack will seriously affect the surface quality and yield of molybdenum plate.

On the contrary, the same problem does not occur in the blank sintered from the 2.8μm powder.  Therefore, molybdenum powder with 2.5~3.2 μm grain size is more suitable for wide molybdenum plate rolling production.

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