The Extensive Applications of Molybdenum Sheets in the Aerospace Industry

Molybdenum sheets have extensive applications in the aerospace industry due to their unique physical and chemical properties. Here are some of the primary applications of molybdenum sheets in the aerospace sector:

  1. High-temperature Furnace Heating Elements and Thermal Shields: Molybdenum sheets are commonly used to manufacture heating elements and thermal shields for high-temperature furnaces because of their high melting point (approximately 2620°C) and excellent thermal stability. These components require the ability to withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining stable performance, making molybdenum sheets an ideal material for such applications.
  2. Fabrication of Sintering Boats: In the aerospace industry, sintering is an essential manufacturing process. Molybdenum sheets, with their good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, are often used to make sintering boats that are utilized to sinter various materials at high temperatures.
  3. Electronic Vacuum Furnace Heaters: In the manufacturing of aerospace electronic equipment, electronic vacuum furnaces are crucial. Molybdenum sheets are commonly employed as heaters in these furnaces due to their excellent electrical heating properties and oxidation resistance.
  4. Other Applications: Besides the aforementioned applications, molybdenum sheets are also used in the fabrication of lighting equipment components, high-temperature containers, and other areas. These applications rely on molybdenum sheets’ unique properties such as high-temperature stability, thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength.

Moreover, molybdenum alloys, such as TZM alloy, are also widely used in the aerospace industry in the form of molybdenum sheets. These alloys combine the advantages of molybdenum with other metals, resulting in higher strength, better oxidation resistance, and lower thermal expansion coefficients, making them more suitable for specific aerospace applications.

In terms of processing, molybdenum sheets can be processed through various methods such as hot rolling, cold rolling, and hot-cold combined rolling to meet the requirements of different applications. Additionally, the surface of molybdenum sheets can be polished and cleaned to improve their appearance and performance.