The Imposition of The Tariff On China Will Add To 200 Billon Dollars

The U.S government announced the imposition of the tariff on China will add to 200 billion dollars. Three months out president Trump and his republic party will face the midterm election. They need to show their confidence that the U.S still remains competitive in China and probably could find alternative markets if needed. The other side, China is planning on her new retaliatory tariffs in response to. The new tariff will be same value of the tariff the U.S imposed on. In total, the tariff value on both sides will up to 500 billion which breaks the record of tariff in the history of trade war in ever before.

In term of the tungsten and molybdenum products involving in the trade war, the interesting thing to know would be that the tariff list contains all the primary W and Mo products and the product types is almost same in content with the case that filled to WTO in 2008.

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