Unlocking the Secrets of High-Purity Molybdenum Plate: Purity and Performance

When exploring the purity and performance of high-purity molybdenum plates, we need to pay attention to the following key aspects:
1、 High purity characteristics of molybdenum plates
Purity definition: High purity molybdenum plate refers to a plate with extremely high molybdenum content, usually reaching a purity of 99.95% or higher. This high purity ensures that the molybdenum plate has better physical and chemical properties.
The impact of purity on performance:
Conductivity and thermal conductivity: High purity molybdenum plates have excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, making them an ideal material in the electronics industry.
Corrosion resistance: High purity molybdenum plates have excellent corrosion resistance to various acids, bases, and other chemical substances, enabling them to work stably in various harsh environments.

molybdenum plate
molybdenum plate

High temperature performance: The melting point of molybdenum is as high as 2620 ° C, and high-purity molybdenum plates can still maintain their performance stability at high temperatures, making them suitable for high-temperature equipment and processes.
2、 Manufacturing process of high-purity molybdenum plate
Raw material selection: To manufacture high-purity molybdenum plates, it is necessary to first select high-purity molybdenum raw materials to ensure the purity of the product.
Smelting process: Through precise smelting processes such as vacuum melting or electron beam melting, impurities in raw materials are further removed to improve purity.
Processing technology: Advanced sheet metal processing techniques such as hot rolling and cold rolling are used to manufacture molybdenum sheets with high purity, precision, and excellent performance.
3、 Application fields of high-purity molybdenum plates
Electronic Industry: High purity molybdenum plates are widely used in the electronic industry to manufacture components such as gates, emitters, and collectors for electronic tubes and transistors.
High temperature equipment: Due to its excellent high-temperature performance, high-purity molybdenum plates are commonly used in the manufacturing of high-temperature furnaces, heat exchangers, and other equipment.
Chemical industry: High purity molybdenum plates are also widely used in the chemical industry, such as manufacturing corrosion-resistant reactors, pipelines, etc.
High purity molybdenum plates play an important role in the electronic industry, high-temperature equipment, and chemical industry due to their excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature performance. Through precise manufacturing processes and advanced processing techniques, high-purity molybdenum plates with higher purity and superior performance can be manufactured to meet the needs of different fields.