What Is Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Process?

EDM (Electrical discharge machining), also known as spark machining, is a metal removal procedure which is applied in the electro-thermal process and CNC driven technology. The spark discharge (a high frequency pulsating electrical charge) passes from the electrode to the workpiece through the dielectric fluid in which the electrode and workpiece are immersed. In this way the workpiece material can be detached (eroded) one very tiny piece at a time at a very high frequency and precisely controlled rate.

Thanks to the CNC technologies and the electric conductivity of the workpiece, EDM has long been the answer for precisely machining hardened materials such as hardened steel, polycrystalline diamond and CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride).

The electrode made of WCu has a high wear resistance which leads to more cost savings and more extended service time. Thanks to the notable elasticity and hardness, WCu electrode is capable of being machined into and keeping an exact geometric shape.

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