Tungsten Ribbon for X Ray Shielding Material of CT Scanner

The X ray shielding material used for CT scanner requires the tungsten ribbon only width for 0.1-0.2mm with a tolerance of ±0.01mm. So that the tungsten ribbon can be qualified enough to be employed in the collimator. Collimator is the core component of CT Scanner used to guarantee a stabilized signal of the X ray and a high-resolution image.
Therefore, it is crucial to choose the most effective process and the lubricating material if the hot-rolled is required to be as homogeneously deformed and as easy to trim as possible.

The rolling process of ultra-thin tungsten sheet:
Engineers spray the atomizing graphite powder on the tungsten sheet heated to 180℃-220℃. After staving for 20-30 mins, the graphite powder will be formed to a thin layer width for 10μm~20μm on the surface of tungsten sheet. This graphite layer makes the ultra-thin thickness to be possible to produce since graphite intrinsically is an ideal lubricating material and a staved layer of graphite high improves the it’s bonding strength with the tungsten.



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