CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Cutting Tool

CBN is a popular material for cutting tools due to its high hardness and abrasive resistance, it has a few drawbacks. For example, it has a relatively lower strength and ductility than tungsten carbide. When the machining process needs a strong cutting force to finish, breakage and deflection might happen to (appear on) CBN cutting tools. Therefore, a high cutting speed along with a low cutting depth and feed rate is recommended when using CBN tools for tungsten machining.

Taking an example of cutting tungsten rod with DLS-F files set. Assume the condition is that the diameter of tungsten rod is 10 mm and the operating parameters are set as follows: Vc=30m/min, f=0.1mm/r, ap=0.1mm; γo=-4°, αo=12°, λ。=0°, Kx=90°, rε=0.3mm, camfee=0.25m×(-8°). The flank wear of CBN cutting tool is 0.2mm. The cutting distance is 104m. By contrast, the flank wear and cutting distance of Tungsten Carbide is 0.2mm and 57.6m when Vc=9.5m/min and everything else remains the same.

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